Vehicle Consignment (Park and Sell)

This is the fast way to sell your car, truck, van or SUV which ensures that you'll receive you the closest amount to the Retail Market Value for your vehicle. This is the best option for those who have time (usually 6-21 days) to sell their vehicle.

Don't want the hassle of having to show your vehicle to people you don't know; meeting them in places you don't trust or having them come to your home? Let us take care of all the things associated with selling your car, truck, SUV or Crossover. In the last several years, we've sold dozens and dozens of consigned vehicles - often more than one for the same client - so we know what to do and how to do it to get your vehicle sell as quickly as possible. All of this is done for one low, SET fee - no surprises at the time of the sale.

When we sell a vehicle on consignment for you, we use a profesisonal and comprehensive 10-step approach to doing so that includes:

1) Meeting the client to appraise their vehicle; running a current CARFAX report; and determining a realistic market value that the vehicle will sell for - as well as determining what the lowest price they'll need to get for their vehicle (minus our consignment fee). We will also have the vehicle put through our 125-Point Inspection to ensure that there is nothing 'catastrophic' wrong with the engine and/or transmission. (There is an $80 fee for this inspection.)

2) Having the vehicle professionally detailed in a manner that far exceeds the "detail" one receives at a traditional Car Wash. This $125 service is optional. Having passed the 120-Point Inspection, the vehicle will also be endowed with a 90-Day Powertrain Warranty to give peace-of-mind to the next owner.

3) Photographing the vehicle in its best light with an emphasis on showing the quality, unique features and sellable points on it. We take a minimum of 50 pictures of each vehicle; and then professionally enhance them in Adobe Photoshop.

4) Posting the vehicle to our Web site; Facebook PagePinterest PageGoogle + PageCash Car Store (if it is priced under $10K); and our Instagram App. It is also automatically posts to our Listings -- NEW! It will also be posted to Apps like 5Mile, LetGo & OfferUp.

5) Field phone calls, email messages; chat sessions; and texts from interested parties on your vehicle and promote the reasons why they would want to come in and purchase it.

6) Set up appointments to see your vehicle as well as fielding 'walk-in-customers' who just come by to see the car after seeing it online or driving by.

7) Show your vehicle and explain the benefits and features of the vehicle; as well as offering a test-drive of the vehicle.

8) Negotiate the price (if needed) and sell the vehicle to a potential client.

9) Accept payment for the vehicle and handle all of the paperwork needed to sell it as well as all of the Title Transfer work; assignment of License Plates and payoff of any existing loan on the vehicle (if applicable).

10) Deliver a Business Check to you within 24-48 hours (if there is no payoff/lien on your vehicle) for the amount of money we have sold the vehicle for - minus our consignment fee.

Wouldn't you agree that it would much easier and far less hassle-free to sell your vehicle using Hertel Auto Group's Consigment Program? Dozens and dozens of customers already have! Contact us today via email or call us at  682-433-8872  to get this process started!

Car Wars! Let Dealers, Wholesalers and Brokers fight over your car, truck, van or SUV.

This is a faster way to sell your vehicle. It is the best choice for those wishing to get the maximum trade-in / wholesale value for their vehicle and have 24-48 hours of time in which to sell their vehicle. 

We've partnered with several of the Top Dealers and Wholesalers in the area to give you an opportunity to sell your vehicle to the highest bidder. Forget the hassle of having to go from Dealer to Dealer, place to place, Lot to Lot. Do it all from the comfort of your own home and let the Dealers and Wholesalers fight to give you the highest bid for your vehicle. 

You may not realize it, but the price a Dealer or Wholesaler will offer for a particular vehicle can vary by up $1,000 or more! Depending on the Dealer or Wholesaler's particular interest, their specialty of vehicles, and their perception of the marketplace, the offer you get from a single bid could cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars!

Why to go to just one place like CARMAX and get a single bid when you can actually have Dealers & Wholesalers fight over it like a personal auction for YOUR Car, Truck, Van, SUV or Crossover!

For example, a 2006 Ford Escape XLS 4-cylinder with 107,000 miles, Automatic, Power Windows & Locks, Cruise Control and a CD Player received the following bids / offers (not all dealers & wholesalers bid on some cars):

  • Dealer A: $4,700
  • Dealer B: $4,650
  • Dealer C: $4,100
  • Dealer D: $4,900
  • Wholesaler A: 3,900
  • Wholesaler B: $4,500
  • Wholesaler C: $4,200

BEST of's 100% FREE! to get your bid request and let Dealers fight over your car, truck, van, SUV, Minivan or Specialty Car. Contact us today via email or call us at  682-433-8872  to get this process started!

Auto Gone! Sell Your Car, Truck, Van or SUV Right Now..On the Spot! with Our Fair, Market-Driven Bid on your car, truck, van or SUV.

This is the best choice for those who need to sell their car in minutes and don't have time to wait or want the hassle of shopping it around. Best of all, it's driven by our $200 Best Price Guarantee.You'll get the absolute best price on your 2008 or older model that you're wanting to sell? We put our money where our mouth is.

Simply bring in your written quote (not a Trade-In Allowance) that is less than 7 days old or within 500 miles from ANY reputable franchise dealership, CarMax(c) or AutoNation(c) location, and we will beat their buy quote by at least $200 or we'll pay you $200 in cash! In most cases, though we beat their price by more than that.

Contact us today at  682-433-8872  to get this process started!

Car Maximum Cash was conceptualized in 2013. We were estbalished to provide consumers with a better, easier and more pofitable way of selling their personal vehicles. After watching over and over how consumers were getting low-ball offers and bottom dollar prices for good vehicles, we decided to form Car Maximum Cash to become the industry leader in acquiring pre-owned vehicles from people who want to sell their cars.

Our team of industry experts has over 30 years of experience in the Pre-Owned and Used Car Business in the greater Dallas Fort Worth and North Texas areas. We know every make, model and trim level by sight and can give you an honest and straightforward assessment as to the true market value of your car, truck, SUV, Crossover, van or convertible. We guarantee that you will receive the most true-value money for your car when you want to sell it or trade it in. C

Car Maximum Cash is also a great place to sell your inherited, estate or passed down cars, trucks and SUVs -- along with classic, unique and one-of-a-kind-vehicles.

We're not wholesalers who show up at your house (though we do make housecalls and office calls if that is more convienient for you), and we're not a dealership who's going to give you an inflated trade-in "allowance" on your car just to get you to buy something from us. We're the Real Deal in DFW. The Best Deal you're going to get on your Pre-2009 or High Mileage Newer Vehicle when you want to sell it.

Contact us today and get started selling your car in as little as 1 hour!. Best of all...we guarantee it! If you're trying to sell your used or pre-owned Car, Truck, Van, SUV, Crossover, Coupe or Convertible in the DFW area, you need to make Car Maximum Cash your final stop.